Women In Transition Now Establishing Support for Themselves

It is our mission to provide housing that is decent, safe and affordable to homeless, single women.  We recognize their need for a healthy environment where they can take the time they need for healing, as they envision the life they wish to live as strong, healthy, individuals in our society.

Our ministry is designed to assist in the transition to permanent housing, employment or the pursuit of educational goals that will allow them to become independent and able to sustain themselves economically.

We affirm their worth and dignity as women by providing the support they need as they work towards reaching their goals.
P.O. Box 10081, Daytona Beach, Florida 32120
Phone: (386) 295-5915 / (386) 852-1632 / (386) 341-0817
Fax: (386) 253-1491
Email: witnestinc1329@yahoo.com

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